Education Assistance and Mentorship

Focusing on our employees’ success and continual growth is integral to our culture. We foster a continuous learning environment and offer programs to support the personal and professional growth of our employees. In addition to ongoing training and development opportunities, FortisAlberta supports several ways for employees to advance their careers.

Mentorship Program

FortisAlberta’s mentorship program is a reciprocal and collaborative relationship for the purpose of an employee’s growth, learning, and development as well as for the development of a mentor’s leadership competencies. Employees who partake in this program create specific development goals and action plans to build their business acumen, develop new skills, and build strong relationships across the organization. 





Education Assistance Program

FortisAlberta provides our permanent employees with financial assistance toward tuition and required textbooks for pre-approved courses taken toward completion of job-related certifications and examinations. Employees are eligible to be refunded costs up to a maximum of $3,000 per calendar year upon providing evidence of satisfactory completion of an approved course and associated receipts.





Career Growth

We are proud to say that many of our employees are long-tenured, some of whom have spent their entire careers with us. FortisAlberta is committed to the success of our employees and ensuring that vacant positions are filled with the correct, qualified, highly skilled candidate. Permanent opportunities are posted internally to allow employees to express their interest in their next career move.

Positions that fall within the scope of a Bargaining Unit are awarded based on a selection process that considers and follows the criteria outlined in the Collective Agreement. 

Our leaders and Human Resources team will carefully evaluate candidates for positions outside the scope of the Bargaining Unit, and choose the top applicant for these roles.