Students and New Graduates

FortisAlberta encourages students and new graduates to explore their options in the electrical industry. Each year we offer opportunities to students and new graduates to support their development.

Current Post-Secondary Students

Each year FortisAlberta welcomes a new group of post-secondary students to various teams, including Customer Operations, Customer Service, Design, Dispatch, Engineering, Finance, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Human Resources, and Information Technology. We look for students who are curious, enthusiastic, flexible, and eager to learn in their chosen field.
While most student positions are four (4) month temporary summer positions, FortisAlberta also offers longer cooperative education (co-op) and practicum positions for students throughout the year.

Interested in joining our talent pool for upcoming summer student positions?

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New Graduates

FortisAlberta welcomes new graduates from post-secondary institutes throughout the year with our Customer Service, Design, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Planning, and Technical Quotations teams. 

We encourage new graduates to apply directly to the postings they are interested in, but if you are a new graduate interested in joining our talent pool please create a profile, upload your resume, indicate your expected graduation date, and which business areas you're interested in starting your career.

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Engineer-in-Training Program

FortisAlberta supports new engineers through our Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Program, which helps recent electrical engineering graduates gain the practical, professional experience required to achieve their Professional Engineer (P.Eng) status. 
As part of this program, EITs have the opportunity to work in a number of departments where they are assigned a mentor to ensure their work meets the P.Eng development requirements.
Our EIT opportunities are posted throughout the year, but we also welcome interested engineering graduates to join our talent pool.

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